DBL Jewelry is a Filipino & Woman owned Online Jewelry Brand founded in 2017 by CEO/Founder Liv Portio. Over the past 4 years, Portio has expanded DBL Jewelry worldwide and has worked with multiple well known influencers such as @BretmanRock (17 Million) & @MadiMonroe (16 Million). After going viral online & gaining a social media presence of 2.5 Million Followers combined, DBL Jewelry was featured on Forbes Magazine, as the youngest millionaire in the Forbes 30 Under List and in Forbes Next 1000 List. Other features include Inc. Magazine, BuzzFeed, & Daily Mail. DBL Jewelry continues to operate as a family owned business and prioritizes giving back to the Philippines with every order by donating proceeds to Filipino Charities helping children living in poverty and special needs elementary students. 

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Our goal is for every person to find a unique and personalized piece that speaks to your soul and matches your aura. To see jewelry and say "This one is me." is a life changing feeling as you can express your individuality. 

We have created a wide variety of both gold and silver, statement necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and rings that can be customized to any size and length of your preference. A variety of our jewelry designs are created and handpicked to match any aesthetic or trend you want to embody!

DBL Jewelry is most notably known for our handmade personalized necklaces. Our iconic script wire personalized jewelry has now expanded into handmade engraved, stamped, and bold letter charm necklaces and bracelets. We take pride in personally handcrafting every personalized jewelry order for our customers to ensure the highest quality and durability.












Quality one of our main priorities. Everything at DBL Jewelry is either handmade or handcrafted together with love from our family to ensure the best quality for you!

Your love and support also helps our team worldwide. Our authentic jewelry materials, including Cubic Zirconia Stones, Healing Crystals, and select Jewelry Pendants have come from all over the world to be handcrafted together with our Chains at our DBL workshop.  We have partnered with the best manufacturers within the Philippines, Brazil, Australia, China, California, Florida and New York City to assure you an excellent experience with DBL Jewelry. 

We thank you for putting your trust in us & for helping our team worldwide thrive as many of our manufacturers are small businesses as well! Since different jewelry materials come from around the world for one necklace, every order makes a difference, as you have helped many families around the world!

As of 2020, DBL Jewelry has created our very own unique pendant designs. We take pride in our jewelry labeled "EXCLUSIVELY Designed by DBL" as Liv herself worked on bringing her sketches to life with our manufacturing factory in California. Each design by DBL Jewelry is tagged and engraved with our logo for authenticity.

If you ever wonder why our personalized jewelry is sold out immediately after our relaunches on Sundays at 9:30 PM EST, it because each piece is handmade at our DBL Jewelry workshop with care. Do not worry! You may email us at to place a preorder if you miss our restocks. 


All of our jewelry pieces are ethically and sustainably created as everything is vegan and cruelty free.  DBL Jewelry takes pride in partnerships with small business manufacturing workshops around the world for ethically made supplies and materials. We as a company have made it a priority to limit our carbon footprint by increasing the use of our 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging.  

By using PVD Plating for our Jewelry the process does not create any of the hazardous waste associated with other types of coating.The potential for release of a toxic material to the environment from PVD is very low, especially compared to electroplating, making it environmentally friendly.

PVD coatings on jewelry enhance environmental protection as these coatings  contribute to longer life to our jewelry (6-24 months) which has positive benefits to many aspects of the environment, such as reduced landfill volume VS cheaper jewelry that is thrown out immediately after a few uses. During these longer lifespans, PVD coated products are less likely to corrode and leach toxins into the environment.


"If you are reading this... we would like to take a second to Thank You as every order helps make a difference in helping children living in Poverty and Special Needs Students in the Philippines. - DBL TEAM" 

Proceeds from our Mabuhay Collection are donated to Filipino Charities to help children living in poverty and Special Needs Students at Pasong Tamo Elementary School in Manila. 

As of 2021, the proceeds from our Mabuhay Collection has allowed us to fully renovate the classroom of the Special Needs Students at Pasong Tamo Elementary School! Our project aimed to fix the classroom's broken toilet, collapsing walls, broken flooring and new school supplies. The students at Pasong Tamo would like to thank everyone who has placed an order with DBL they are now able to come back to school in a better working environment.