At DBL, we craft more than jewelry—we create modern spiritual amulets for your mind, body, and soul. Each piece is meticulously crafted with gemstones, crystals, and symbols with energies that can manifest your dreams, boost your confidence, radiate happiness, amplify healing,  attract luck, and bring you protection.

Our collections are inspired by the ethereal energy of the Philippine Islands  a melting pot of different cultures and diverse influences. Throughout the centuries, the Philippines has been shaped by Indigenous, Spanish, American, Middle Eastern and Asian traditions. The Philippines celebrates its cultural diversity as it is evident in various aspects of our country's language, cuisine, customs, and traditions. Through this, our customers can learn about, respect, and appreciate the beauty of other cultures, uniting as one with our purpose of healing.

Join us on this journey to become the most vibrant and happiest version of yourself.

 "I started DBL Jewelry to bring more positive energy in daily life. It’s easy to fall into feeling burnt out and unmotivated with the modern fast paced lifestyle we all live in.  In my culture, we have "agimats"on our islands, they are amulets with mystical energy that can greatly affect your mind, body and spirit.  These amulets can help dispel negative thoughts and energy, bring you healing, and help you live a happier and balanced life. Through our Filipino Traditions, we can blend self-care with fashion on our journey through life."

Sending you love & light 





The Ocean is our eternal muse and her energy is in every piece we craft.

Studies have long shown the transformative benefits of oceanic energy on our well-being. In the 1900s, doctors recommended visits to the ocean for both emotional and physical healing. There's a proven magic in the ebb and flow of the tides, and at DBL Jewelry, we've harnessed this potent energy.

Our collection features crystals and gemstones each chosen for its unique frequency to amplify the healing power of the ocean. Let the ocean's energy be your guide, bringing positivity, intention, and a touch of Philippine Island serenity to every moment. 


Quality one of our main priorities. Everything at DBL Jewelry is either handmade or handcrafted together with love from our family to ensure the best quality for you!

Your love and support also helps our team worldwide. Our authentic jewelry materials, including Cubic Zirconia Stones, Healing Crystals, and select Jewelry Pendants have come from all over the world to be handcrafted together with our Chains at our DBL workshop.  We have partnered with the best manufacturers within the Philippines, Brazil, California, Florida and New York City to assure you an excellent experience with DBL Jewelry. 

We thank you for putting your trust in us & for helping our team worldwide thrive as many of our manufacturers are small businesses as well! Since different jewelry materials come from around the world for one necklace, every order makes a difference, as you have helped many families around the world!



All of our jewelry pieces are ethically and sustainably created as everything is vegan and cruelty free.  DBL Jewelry takes pride in partnerships with small business manufacturing workshops around the world for ethically made supplies and materials. We as a company have made it a priority to limit our carbon footprint by increasing the use of our 100% recycled and biodegradable packaging.  

By using PVD Plating for our Jewelry the process does not create any of the hazardous waste associated with other types of coating.The potential for release of a toxic material to the environment from PVD is very low, especially compared to electroplating, making it environmentally friendly.

PVD coatings on jewelry enhance environmental protection as these coatings  contribute to longer life to our jewelry (6-48 months) which has positive benefits to many aspects of the environment, such as reduced landfill volume VS cheaper jewelry that is thrown out immediately after a few uses. During these longer lifespans, PVD coated products are less likely to corrode and leach toxins into the environment.



"If you are reading this... we would like to take a second to Thank You as every order helps make a difference in helping children living in Poverty and Special Needs Students in the Philippines. - DBL TEAM" 

Proceeds from our Mabuhay Collection are donated to Filipino Charities to help children living in poverty and Special Needs Students at Pasong Tamo Elementary School in Manila. 

The proceeds from our Mabuhay Collection has allowed us to fully renovate the classroom of the Special Needs Students at Pasong Tamo Elementary School! Our project aimed to fix the schools facilities and bring new school supplies to more than 100 students. The new desks and chairs for the students have also helped the community during covid vaccinations. Students at Pasong Tamo would like to thank everyone who has placed an order with DBL as they are now able to come back to school in a better working environment!



This year, DBL Jewelry was able to sponsor a basketball team in Manila for children in need in the community because of your support. They have won 2 games and are hopeful they will reach the championships this year!



Jewelry Warranty

We have a warranty protection plan you can add at checkout called " route". Route covers any lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry within 14 days after delivery. If your jewelry is damaged upon arrival due to a defective piece or during shipment, or lost/ stolen please contact route protection by checking your order confirmation email and placing a claim inquiry with them.

If you did not purchase route warranty, please inform us of any damage within 14 days after delivery through our customer support portal by clicking here. 

Order Issue

For order issues please use our customer order support portal by clicking here


For returns please use our customer order support portal by clicking here

We gladly accept returns for store credit within 14 days of delivery. 

Items on sale for 40% or more & custom items are final sale and cannot be returned.

What is your Jewelry made of?

DBL Jewelry carries a range of different pieces created with both 18K Gold plated Stainless Steel and 18KT Gold Filled materials to ensure the best quality.

18KT Gold Plating:  Layer of gold adheres to the silver through an electroplating bath.

18KT Gold Filled: 5% pure gold pressure bonded to the inner base metal core of sterling silver.

Can I wear my jewelry in Water?

Although created with the best materials to ensure high quality and durability, gold plated jewelry will not last forever since it is not made of pure gold. However, if you follow all of the steps below and take care of your items, your DBL jewelry should look pristine for months and even years!

1. Unless your jewelry is from our Water Safe Collection, avoid swimming in your jewelry and remove it when washing hands, showering.  Chlorine can discolor and remove the coating from  your jewelry.

2. Avoid contact with sweat, soaps, lotions, and perfumes. Remove DBL jewelry when exercising, putting on lotions, fragrances and makeup. These products contain chemicals that will remove the shine of your jewelry over time.