Project Olive Jewel

Our Olive Jewel Collection draws inspiration from the tranquil olive trees of Palestine, embodying the rich cultural heritage of the region. Each piece holds deep meaning, symbolizing hope and making a tangible impact by raising awareness and supporting Palestinian children and families in need. As advocates of peace and positive energy, we are committed to using our platform for good.
Introducing the Olive Jewel Project, our  campaign dedicated to assisting innocent Palestinian families affected during this critical time. All proceeds from our Olive Jewel Collection will directly aid families with essentials such as food, shelter, medication, and evacuation costs. We sincerely appreciate your generous support in being a part of this initiative.
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Rescue Gazan Families 

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has claimed tens of thousands of lives and displaced several millions of innocent people. Individuals residing in Palestine (including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank) have been facing direct assaults for centuries. As of May of 2024, the death toll of innocent civilians has reached approximately over 35,000. Unfortunately, 14,500 of these martyrs have been beloved children.
To learn about Israel's war on Gaza, we recommend following up on Al Jazeera, a news station that reports directly from Palestine:
 Simple Guide to Israel-Palestine Conflict

How to support innocent Palestinian families:

Unfortunately, aid from established charity organizations are no longer allowed to enter the Gaza Strip and the price of evacuation for each person can cost up to $10,000. Since a great portion of the Gaza Strip has been destroyed, Gazans have no means of generating money to afford their own freedom. By directly donating to the families, we can reach these Gazan families to safety as soon as possible.


The Families We Are Sponsoring:

The Altabans

There are seven members of the family: Heba (the mother), Amjad (the father), their sons Khaled, Soliman, Abdallah, their young daughter Lamar, and Ahmed (the grandfather). Their father was a business owner of a convenience store which was unfortunately burnt down and destroyed by an airstrike. His children were all pursuing biomedical engineering, graphic design, or completing grade school. 
From Gaza, from Palestine, from the heart of war and genocide, I thank you for rejecting all of this and for standing by our side and for championing our cause. Palestine was and will remain free with your voices that pulsate our freedom and struggle.” Ahmed Altaban
Direct link to their GoFundMe page for evacuation: 
Save Ahmed and His Family in Gaza

The AlNabihs

Tuhani Halawa (the mother) and  her son Karam AlNabih. The family’s life took a drastic turn when their home and university were attacked and demolished. Now, they live together in a tent that they created out of available materials. 
“From Gaza, from Palestine, which will soon be free, I thank you for all of your sympathy for us and every person who stands by our Palestinian people against injustice, genocide and starvation. I send you all my love from Graza. You are the free people of the world, and you are humanity.” Karam Tuhani AlNabih
Direct link to their GoFundMe page for evacuation: 
Help Karam and his family rebuild their life

The Abu Hashems

There are thirteen members of the family: Zuhair (the father), Zain (the mother), their sons Jamal, Muhammad, Abdul, and Hazem, and their daughters Rahaf and Sahar. Hazem has a family of his own including his wife, Amani, and young daughters, Elen and Ela. They all lived together in a house built by their father, but they were forcibly displaced to a tent after their home was attacked. 
“All the truth and deep feelings to you all my friends from here in my tent. Your feelings always make  us stronger and when your voice reaches us,  it makes it easier on us. Your feelings and support will be in our hearts forever and we won’t ever forget that. Love all and keep going!” Jamal Abu Hashem 
Direct link to their GoFundMe page for evacuation: 
Help Jamal’s family leave the war zone in Gaza


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What is your Jewelry made of?

DBL Jewelry carries a range of different pieces created with both 18K Gold plated Stainless Steel and 18KT Gold Filled materials to ensure the best quality.

18KT Gold Plating:  Layer of gold adheres to the silver through an electroplating bath.

18KT Gold Filled: 5% pure gold pressure bonded to the inner base metal core of sterling silver.

Can I wear my jewelry in Water?

Although created with the best materials to ensure high quality and durability, gold plated jewelry will not last forever since it is not made of pure gold. However, if you follow all of the steps below and take care of your items, your DBL jewelry should look pristine for months and even years!

1. Unless your jewelry is from our Water Safe Collection, avoid swimming in your jewelry and remove it when washing hands, showering.  Chlorine can discolor and remove the coating from  your jewelry.

2. Avoid contact with sweat, soaps, lotions, and perfumes. Remove DBL jewelry when exercising, putting on lotions, fragrances and makeup. These products contain chemicals that will remove the shine of your jewelry over time.