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Dive into a world of enchantment with our Mermaid Mood Ring, a nostalgic accessory that mirrors your inner emotions through a mesmerizing spectrum of colors. Inspired by the changing hues of Aquamarine's ”finger scales”, this ring captures the essence of your mood, transforming like the ocean's tides. 

Mood Ring Colors:

- Aqua: Confident & Mermazing
- Blue: Sadness
- Green: Anxiety( Sea Sick )
- Pink: Happiness
- Purple: Love
- Red: Anger 
- Black: Danger is near (aka Cecilia)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Star Heu
So cute!

I absolutely love this ring!!! Gem is a good size as well! Definitely recommend!

Ash P

This is literally the cutest ring ever! I've gotten a compliment every time i've worn it

Fun Ring!

I ordered this ring because of my nostalgia to mood rings from my childhood. What a super fun ring to wear. I love the change of colors and the stone on top elevates the rainbow hues to the ring. The blues and greens are gorgeous, and sometimes i get accents of pink. That is super rare but when it does it's gorgeous. The only thing is the gold faded slightly after a few weeks of wear. However, customer service was super responsive and provided information about their jewelry. What I didn't know was our body chemistry can affect the metals in different ways. Tho the gold slightly faded, the top of the ring is still in very good condition and the gold is still vibrant. Luckily the faded part was just the inner part of the ring. I still think the ring is worth the purchase. And their customer service is very supportive and responsive. Their website includes information about how their jewelry is made and I truly appreciate the fact that they also support other small businesses and try to source within the area and the Phillipines, and nothing is made in China, which i truly appreciate! Would I buy again?? YES! This company has great vibes with good intentions.


The ring is beautifully crafted. The stone is large and clear which makes it easier to see the color change. Love it soo much!